Paige (iblameyoko) wrote in deepthinkers,


Hello everyone, and Autumn.

My name is Juan, and I moderate this community. If someone you know says something, or you come across something that just seems to incrediable brilliant to you, then please, poste it here.

I shall start.

The community or Feminist Fury, is filled with people who are searching for the truth. One angry feminist states, "Dairy is Rape."

Seize the day, my beautiful childern, share with us your findings.

Ta ta.
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March 26 2004, 21:46:53 UTC 14 years ago

femenism is rape.

who would want to rape a femenist?
what the HELL is this s'posed 2 mean? i certainly hope u r not serious. u can't even Spell properly, so crawl bak in2 ur cave, u ignorant nappy-wipe!
love ur icon! i blame yoko 2! think she had him shot? let's cogitate on that...
ok-that's enuff!
my name's emmy~from~ireland, and quantum physics and magick turn me on!!!
add me 2 ur friend list if u wish...